About Us

Cozy Stories is a sustainable clothing brand that was born to connect mindful souls with nature, inspiration, and love to our planet. Here we believe that every item you buy keeps its own story that will inspire and lead you to a joyful life. We are huge believers that affirmations can really direct you to the right path, serving as a reminder for yourself and for all the people around.

We also strongly believe that in order to preserve our planet and environment that we call our home, we should start with ourselves by using natural and eco-friendly products, lowering the use of plastic, save energy, and planting trees. That’s how we can help in healing that damage humankind did to our ecosystem. And the closet where we keep all our clothes is a good place to start with! 

At Cozy Stories we create a timeless and classic design for you, using sustainable, eco-friendly cotton that will not hurt the environment. Thus wearing our brand will not only make you look and feel the best, but also will ensure that you are a part of a great mission here, helping to do the good to our planet!

Sustainability – Our Goal

We aim for sustainable ethical clothing, and we strongly believe that looking good shouldn’t compromise our planet. 

Fabric facilities where we produce our products run on solar power, use 7x less water than most other manufacturers, saving 24 million gallons of water a week, and most importantly, recycle all unused materials. We let nothing be wasted!

As a green company, we take every opportunity to reduce our carbon dioxide (co2) emissions. How do we do it? Our facilities work using solar energy, skylight, and motion-sensor lighting as a power. Nothing is better than being natural. 

By being a sustainable clothing brand we produce eco-friendly and ethical clothing for our customers using natural fabric with a minimal impact on the ecosystem. Our suppliers use organic farming, recycling pretty much everything that can’t be turned into a tee/ tote/ hoodie. All excess fabric is recycled into a big amount of other important things no one ever questioned about, such as baby bibs or stuffing for toys and furniture.

Each and every item we sell has been inspired by our love for nature, every design keeps its own cozy story that will remind about kindness, love, compassion, and joy of life. And we will continue to tell these stories with each new design for our customers.   

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–  Cozy Stories Team