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Eco-friendly on a budget: ways to go GREEN & SAVE

Today to be green is not just a trend, and in fact, it’s never been, since nothing happens without a reason. It’s important to understand why we all have to be responsible human beings while living on mother Earth that gave us lives. And it’s only our duty to give back to our planet for keeping us all alive and sustain the needs to survive. And to help it go a long way we can start to live eco-friendly that will cost almost nothing!

Personal Eco-Friendly Habits

When you want to change something, start with yourself first. Here are some tips for you to take into account:

  • Re-wear clothes
  • Keep & eat leftovers
  • Use recycled paper products, clothing, bags, coffee mugs
  • Turn off A/C when leaving the room
  • Re-use old plastic bags, bottles (don’t try to buy new recycled stuff and get rid of everything plastic you owned before, use it)
  • Buy second-hand (furniture, bags, clothes)
  • Borrow things like books
  • Read magazines and books online

Home Eco-Friendly Habits

If you start doing some things for a week or two, you will make not only steady savings on your account but also you will contribute to the great mission by saving the planet.

  • Do laundry when you have a full load to wash
  • Wash clothes in cold water (it’s more energy saving)
  • Buy only natural cleansing solutions (most cleaners have a full range of toxic chemicals that disrupt human immune system & pollute the air)
  • Unplug your devices once they’re fully charged

Outside Eco-Friendly Habits

You can go green not only inside your home but also to help the environment being outside! Interested how? Here’re some tips for you to make the world & your soul better:

  • Plant trees in your backyard
  • Start gardening
  • Use more public transport
  • Separate your garbage according to recycling rules of the state you live in

Wrapping All Up…

So, as you see, it’s not so complicated to start going green. Besides, it can really save you a lot of money. We see no reason why you should not adopt one or all of these habits into your daily routine and feel great because by making small steps all together we can really change and save the Earth!